Inviting words arrived from Faith when I asked her to explain for anyone new to Depth Journaling about the powerful process of writing with the nondominant hand.

Dear Child, dear Children,

Enter this gateway with the excited curiosity and wonder that is your natural birthright. You come into human life eager to learn & to thrive ~ until those qualities, unfortunately, get lost or muted in the process of family life or formal education.

This writing adventure can return your awareness to a state of mind much more akin to child mind, fresh with beginner’s enthusiasm & joy. This process of deep listening opens up your perceptual physiology in bypassing the protective barriers you have constructed for regular life.

You will learn new ways as you choose to allow yourself to hear and receive ~ new ways of thought and feeling both ~ which can enrich and enlighten your journey. We welcome you. You have long needed the wisdom and vantage we can help you discover. 



*   *   *


* Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit with paper and pen.

* Allow yourself to become still. Pay attention to your breathing.

* With your regular writing hand, begin with some lines to describe how you are feeling and what you are experiencing, going through, or wondering about at this life moment.

* Ask a question. As you conclude the lines you’ve written, ask about anything important to you…large or small.

* Switch the pen to your other hand, your non-dominant hand.

* Become more quiet….Feel the stillness.

* Just listen…and note what you can hear.  Allow the words to emerge into awareness as you write with your other hand.

* Keep Asking….






*   *   *

[ If you know who it is you want to address, or which part of self you want to reach, direct your comments.  Otherwise, you can ask who is speaking once the words begin to flow.  Find a safe storage spot for your writing. Include a date.]


© 2018 Barclay Braden