With a simple switch of the pen, from one hand to the other, I found an amazing tool to shift my own consciousness.

Read the full story in my recently published book, Faith at Hand: Finding My Way to Depth Journaling. 

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More than a memoir…At the gate

Faith at Hand offers a simple, yet profound tool for finding meaningful inner wisdom through written dialogue with the nondominant hand. Learn a powerful writing tool and an inviting array of practices for intention, attention, and awareness. Follow an absorbing story of psychological and spiritual transformation.

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During the winter of 1990, while practicing as a psychologist in Williamstown, Massachusetts, I encountered a method of written self-inquiry never before imagined. In one turning-point attempt, snug in my armchair on a cold February night, I discovered it was possible to utilize my nondominant hand in an astounding new way.

New perspective was available…literally at hand. Activating a more extensive network of neurocircuitry, writing with my left hand, I soon found that I could receive answers to life questions posed through my regular, right hand. Changing hands to record written response allowed me to step beyond my everyday, walk-around awareness.

An ask-and-answer process launched a series of recurring written dialogues, ones which constitute the basic method for what I now call Depth Journaling™.

Dare to step into a new dimension of self-exploration.

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Let us keep the dream side open as it is the beautiful side of our natures; it is the meditative, contemplative side, the subtle side forever merged with the universe and it is at one with good.   Ernest Holmes, The Ebell Lectures, 1934

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