A question was asked. For me, it turned out to be a life-changing one.

The year was 1990.  A visitor to our study group for A Course in Miracles had recently begun utilizing a startling and surprising communication tool. She’d begun to write down dialogue with her mother, who had died a few months before. Our guest wondered how the written conversation she’d been generating could possibly be trusted. She described to us how she wrote questions with her right hand and received messages in response using her other hand, her left hand. She asked what we thought about such an experience.  She wondered if using the nondominant hand could bring new awareness.  Somehow such a novel idea was made even more mysterious when our guest mentioned she had learned about this writing method from a nun. Intrigued, I went home to experiment. Since I am right-handed, I knew that my left hand would be my non-dominant hand. After putting the pen into my other hand,  I got as quiet as I could inside, and I tried to listen.

Let’s begin my child…

Some words had come to mind immediately, but they were quickly followed by question, doubt, even scorn. The chattering mind immediately began to interrupt, scolding me, “You are just making this up. How could this be happening to you?”

I had to get quiet again…and then more words began to come forth.

Now you will start to learn on a new level of awareness. Trust that the words will come to you as you can hear me say them to you ~ a few at a time.  You need only open yourself to the experience.

The words seemed to be coming from a space just above my left shoulder near my ear, not quite inside my head, more just outside of it. I was not exactly hearing a spoken voice…it felt more that I was tuning into a thought voice.

You may ask a question by writing with your right or regular hand…then the answer will come from listening and writing with the other hand.

As I wrote down the words that were coming into awareness, I realized this process was different from anything I might have imagined automatic writing to be. My pen was not moving of its own accord. While I was listening to a current of word-thought, I realized I was also choosing which words I would write down. Sometimes I would ignore a word or phrase, only to have it reappear, a moment later, in different words…a similar idea…in different form.

These messages are a genuine opportunity to communicate with the world beyond our own. “How will that help?” you ask.  Your fear intrudes in such a question.

The voice was right. I was afraid. Maybe I’m “just making up” these words I’ve been writing. Gradually, I released that concern, and began to recognize there was a stream of words, or stream of consciousness, available to me. From it, I could select the words I wanted to write. I was choosing. I was playing editor…or co-author.

You need only listen to a few words at a time and the flow of information you need at any moment will be yours, in your ears. You will be told all that you need to know at any given time. Would you like to ask a question, my child?

“Yes, who are you?”

I am the voice of the spirit, Faith, who is the particular special entity assigned to be your guide in the years to come. I am God’s child, just as you are. I have chosen to work with you because I believe your work will be very important in bringing peace and joy and freedom to the world. “To the world?” you ask. Yes, my child, to the world. Your vision of peace will come to pass in a way you are unable yet to visualize. There is no need to doubt the veracity of what I offer you. Would you like to ask again?

“I need to decide what is important to me to ask. What brings you?”

Your asking. Your openness. Your Trust.

“So, let me ask. And here is where I feel my fear again, intruding. But let me go for it anyway.”

That’s the right idea!

“I want to know more about you, Faith, but I’d like to start with a pressing question from life today.”

What you ask, my child, is entirely yours to decide.

* * *

First writing with Faith

© 2018 Barclay Braden