Initial explorations writing with my nondominant hand have now evolved into continuing journal conversation with an aspect of deeper being I‘ve come to know as Faith.

“Dear Faith,” I begin my entry. Then I lay out all that is of concern to me at that particular point. After pouring out any worries, conflicts, or uncertainties, I always conclude with a question, as she has taught me to do. Passing the pen to my other hand, I listen for words of response to emerge. The ones that I often hear first are “Dear Child.”  Then I know we have begun, once again, this singular form of communion.

The content of her response, often surprising to me, almost invariably takes me to a new level of understanding. She consistently provides me with an unanticipated perspective from which to look at things that are troubling me. She only enters my journal entries as needed, or when invited.

Again and again, she teaches me a new way of thinking about who I am and why I do things.  After more than two decades of lessons from Faith, I feel, I believe, I know, that invaluable dimensions of psychological and spiritual wisdom have been given to me during our dialogues.

I’ve come to believe that an experience of new awareness, along with the comfort of accompaniment, can be ours for the asking.

*     *     *

On occasion, when I experience any lingering doubt, when I start to think that these messages are some form of wishful thinking, I sometimes feel the need for answers that I can view as more objective. In an effort to feel more fully convinced about the truth of what I am hearing from Faith, I follow up her remarks with a look somewhere else for validation. Trusted external resources, enlisted as varieties of oracular response, provide me with another suggestion for my inner consideration.   (My own favorites include  Runes, Angel Cards, and lesson or page numbers from A Course in Miracles.)

Consultation with one of these outside sources, after receiving messages from Faith, has often provided a sense of verification that is remarkably reinforcing of her original messages, sometimes in uncannily specific ways, often down to the very word in question. This kind of cross-confirmation has happened so frequently, and so reliably, that I am no longer surprised by it. Yet always, I experience a surge of gratitude. Sometimes I get a shiver of awe to feel accompanied by a sense of guidance. Often, I am stirred to tears from this experience of tender connection with a source of larger wisdom. When it comes, I feel myself touched to the core to realize, one more time, that I am not alone in finding my way.

*     *     *

Since this inner self is in continuous connection with the outer self, it can cause a flow of intelligence, stimulating the mind and brain to purposefulness, to creative genius, to executive ability.”

Ernest Holmes, The Ebell Lectures, 1934

© 2018 Barclay Braden